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Governance, Management and  Organizational Program Support


Education, Experience and Training: Founder and Select Staff

University of California: Berkeley and Irvine, California State University: Fresno and Long Beach, University of Pacific and Brandman University, University of Southern Alabama, University of Missouri and Fist University.  On average and cumulatively, each Associates has a minimum 

of 20+ years professional experience in their respective fields and public organizations, all are available for limited, or extended engagements.

    Clients: Partial Listings...

    •    Association of Fundraising Professionals/Golden Gate and National Conference:  Group Facilitator, Trainer and Scribe for 300 - 500 nonprofit CEOs, Managers and Staffs

    •    CA and National Charter Schools Associations: Trainer and Facilitator: Board Development, governance, operations and leadership training for, on average, 75 to 300 attendees over several years at both CA State and National Charter Schools Association Conferences

    •    General Motors Corporation, CA and Detroit, Michigan: Trainer/Facilitator: Lead trainer for GMC owners, general and sales managers for franchisees in Central CA and Nevada; directly responsible for training dealer staffs effectively implement GMC Standards for Excellence (SFE) program company-wide;

    •    CA State University, Fresno, CA: Professor/Trainer/Coach: Lead professor and trainer for a five-member faculty team preparing future nonprofit executives, leaders and board members for leadership and governance roles for organizations spanning Central, Northern and Southern California; 

    •    State of CA: Consultant, Trainer and Program Evaluator: Employment Development, Rehabilitation and Social Services Departments;

    •    Pennsylvania Education Association and Canadian Nonprofit Association; Trainer, Speaker and Meeting Facilitator;

    •    University of California/Merced, Irvine, Berkeley: Adjunct Faculty, Trainer, Coach;

    •    Counties of Merced and Tulare (CA): Prop 10 Reader and Program Evaluator;

    •    KTVU Channel 2/Oakland, CA: Host for organizations targeting youth jobs and violence prevention

​​​Publications: A Partial List

Young, Gifted and Bored in America: A Job, Please?http://www.opednews/articles/Young-Gifted-and-Bored-in-America-a-Job-Please-by-Ronald-Arrington

  Assault on Democracy

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  Bullies, Oil and Terrorism: Leadership Lost

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Expertise, Skills, Distinctive Services

Leadership, Management, Supervisory Training: Boards, CEOs, Leaders and Stakeholders

Nonprofit and Small Business Start-ups: Governance, Management and Operations

Collaborative Economic Development Programs: Public/Private Joint Ventures

Strategic Business, Corporate and Nonprofit Alliances/Partnerships

Youth Program Development and Job Creation Projects

Empowerment from Within: Driving Diversity, Managing Change, Galvanizing Work Groups​​

"Creating opportunitiesone-day-at-a-time, for others"(P:2:4)

Ronald Arrington MBA, MPA

Consultant, Trainer, Coach and skilled meeting facilitator with over 35 years of hands-on training in groups, including, public, private and nonprofit organizations.  Programs are singularly designed around the joy of fun, 

using a mix of tested-content, concepts and tools engaging each person/group.  This unique training template

allows ample opportunities for everyone to engage in thinking, growing and laughing @ self, while building

relationships on trust mutual goals.

Founder and CEO

A team of seasoned professional consultants specializing in training and coaching leaders, managers and organizations desiring to change and mature.  We offer tailored programs, not templates, designed exclusively for your industry, culture and unique team of stakeholders.

                                         Mission, Vision and Case for (our) Cause:         

"Challenging people to think by transforming organizational cultures into mutually dependent        units where work is fun,​ creativity is natural, and where people seek, rather than try to avoid opportunities to connect directly, while growing exponentially."

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